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Newsletter No 1, August 2013

Dear Reader

Welcome to the first issue of the ESASTAP Plus newsletter - your update on EU-South African cooperation in technology, research and innovation. All issues of this newsletter will also be available from the archive on the ESASTAP Plus website. We hope you will find this first issue informative and worthwhile reading. Your feedback is very welcome!

Your editorial team

Upcoming Events

ESASTAP Plus Seminar: Opportunities for South African European Cooperation under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation | 12 November 2013, Brussels

In order to inform the science, technology and innovation community in Europe about the exciting opportunities for cooperation with South Africa under the new Horizon 2020 Framework Programme to be launched at the end of 2013, this dedicated promotion event is planned to be held in Brussels on 12 November 2013. The event will precede the annual South Africa-EU Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee, to be held in Brussels on 13 November, which will bring together senior officials of the South African Department of Science and Technology and the European Commission to review current and identify new flagship initiatives to strengthen South Africa-EU partnerships. The ESASTAP Plus Seminar will highlight South African research and innovation expertise in strategic scientific domains such as food security, water resources, raw materials, drug and vaccine development, and space, which are likely to feature prominently in the first Horizon 2020 call for proposals. The Seminar will, thus, be an ideal opportunity for European organisations eager to partner with South Africa under Horizon 2020, to initiate activities under the umbrella of EUREKA and to learn more about the countries capacities as well as the important support and advisory services, which will be available to support cooperation with South Africa under Horizon 2020. South Africa's new Network of National Contact Points for Horizon 2020 will notably be introduced at the event. More information will be available in time under

Digital Europe ICT 2013 | 6-8 November 2013, Lithuania

Strengthening technology, research and innovation cooperation between Europe and South Africa has been one of the most active components of the South Africa (SA) - Europe Union (EU) strategic partnership. The strategic partnership includes providing a platform for South Africa to engage European partners on possible collaboration in joint research, development and innovation (RDI) projects. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) will lead a delegation of officials and researchers in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) to attend the Digital Europe ICT 2013 Event in Vilnius, Lithuania on 6-8 November 2013. The event will be attended by innovators, entrepreneurs, academics and industry representatives. In addition the event will include a slot focusing on the Horizon 2020 (H2020) - the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014 - 2020. A call for expression of interest is open for South African Researchers.

Recent Events

Workshop: Exploring opportunities for greater cooperation and synergy in research and innovation partnerships between South Africa and Europe | 19 July 2013, Pretoria

The event was an official side event to the sixth South Africa-EU Summit. One of ESASTAP Plus' key objectives is to promote enhanced coordination of different South Africa-EU science and technology cooperation programmes and maximise synergy between them. The side event focused on how such coordination and synergy could be promoted in research and innovation partnerships targeting major societal challenges. The workshop explored commonalities and synergies between different cooperation programmes and instruments targeting societal challenges such as improving food and water security, enhancing waste management, promoting competitive low-carbon economies and sustainably leveraging the potential of the oceans. View the presentations

Workshop: EUREKA network, opportunities and benefits
| 13 June 2013, Pretoria

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) hosted a high-level EUREKA delegation to South Africa during the week of 11-14 June 2013. The visit formed part of preparations by the Department and the EUREKA network to consider South Africa as an associate member of the EUREKA network. DST planned several bilateral meetings with specific innovation players in South Africa. In addition, an open workshop was held at the Department to provide information about the EUREKA network, as well as opportunities and benefits for countries with associate membership. View the presentations

Current Calls

Call for Proposals - EUREKA Clusters
Various deadlines in September / October 2013

Together with EUREKA Individual projects and Eurostars projects, Clusters are one of EUREKA's three funding instruments. Each Cluster covers one specific industry sector. Clusters are public-private partnerships uniting major companies and national innovation agencies to complete major pre-competitive technological research projects, setting standards for entire markets such as mobile payment, encryption and security software, or data transmission over the Internet. Clusters projects are initiated through calls for funding application, where SMEs and universities are invited to join projects putting them directly in touch with large companies and multinationals. For SMEs taking part in Cluster projects, large companies represent potential clients or partners with manufacturing capabilities. There is always at least one cluster call open during the year. Interested South African organisations should contact Mrs Mamohloding Tlhagale, who is coordinating South Africa's EUREKA participation. Visit the website to see the dates and information on currently open calls. Read on

ERC Grant Schemes - Bringing great ideas to life
Continuous scheme with annual deadlines

The European Research Council (ERC) is the first European funding body designed to support investigator-driven frontier research through open and direct competition. Its main aim is to stimulate scientific excellence in Europe by supporting and encouraging the very best, truly creative researchers of any nationality and age, located anywhere in the world, to identify and explore new opportunities and directions in any field of research. Proposals addressing new or emerging fields or introducing unconventional, innovative approaches and scientific inventions are encouraged. The ERC offers long-term grants, operating on a 'bottom-up' basis without predetermined research priorities. Calls for proposals for the ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Synergy Grant schemes are published annually. For assistance please contact the dedicated ERC National Contact Point, Mabatho Ndwandwa. Read on

Project Info

The ESASTAP Plus kick-off meeting in November 2012

The kick-off in Cape Town was part of a wider range of events to mark the 15th Anniversary of the SA-EU Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement, with Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn visiting South Africa. The cooperation between the two parties dates back to 1996, when they signed a Cooperation Agreement that later on facilitated their cooperation under the Framework Programmes.

The key objectives of ESASTAP Plus are to:

  • Enrich the science, technology and innovation policy dialogue;
  • Promote strategic cooperation under the main instruments, chiefly Horizon 2020;
  • Better coordinate and exploit synergy between EU and national programmes; and
  • Expand cooperation to specifically address innovation partnerships.
Read on

ESASTAP Plus launched in Brussels in April 2013

A lunchtime briefing and networking event in Brussels was organised with the opportunity of South Africa's Minister of Science and Technology, Minister Derek Hanekom visit to Brussels for a series of high-level engagements with european Commission counterparts.


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